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Who can join?

Currently the policy of this site is that anybody can join and help to collaborate on the English or Arabic infosheets. We especially encourage

  • revolutionary doctors and medics of Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world (and their support people) to join and ask specific questions or pass along information to the news section of the wiki,
  • English to Arabic translators who respect the work of the revolutionary doctors and medics to help with translation and peer-review (which is necessary to keep the sheets from being altered in destructive ways during the translation process),
  • street medics from North America, Europe, or Australia with protest experience, who have been a part of a medic collective at any time in the last fifteen years to join and help with developing and adapting the infosheets or developing the news section of the wiki.

You do not need to join in order to download and distribute the information on this site. Please distribute it widely!


Click in the top right corner, put in a username, password, and your email address, and that's done.

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